Chain and hook: What to know?

If you are listening to someone asking about asking you about the grade of j hook chain for rescue, It might be so confusing because you may really do not know what the answer is. In fact, j hook chain is made with divergent strength depend on the needs of the users. For a towing, grade 70 of the chain is the grade which is specifically used. If you want to perform overhead-lifting, you can use the chain and hook with grade 80. The common people also argue that the grade 70 chain is very suitable to pull the vehicles. But, the others also say that grade 80 is more suitable for the lifting the heavy goods or container.

No matter what the purpose of using the chain and hook, the chain grade number will define the use of chain and hook. For your information, here are some great information about the chain and hook to determine the grade of chain and hook.

1. Weight Load Limit

You might be unfamiliar with the term Weight Load Limit. If you do, this is the maximum measurement of working load which determined by the manufacturer.

2. Proof Test is a quality control measure where a load equipped to the newly produced chain. The proof test will be intended to describe the manufacturer’s attention to any defects in the chain rather than a performance measure.

3. Minimum Break Load is the minimum power of chain and any other components must hold before failure.

4. Safety Factor is a structural measurement of the chains toward the expected loads or real loads. The safety factor is a measure of highest power to focus on the load of the real goods that’s created. The design of loads will be the maximum load as the part that should ever see in services.