Don’t use too many texts in your website

The internet has become the most used source of information today. It helps people to get any information which they’re looking for at a very fast speed and at the very affordable price. The websites on the internet are the places that people will visit depend on their needs. For a website owner, the numbers of visitors are affecting their income and the survival of their website, especially if they’re running an online shop. There are several things that you need to know about a good web design in order to attract more visitors and potential clients or business partners to your website.

It’s important to combine the balance amount of text and other types of media, such as the images, gifs, and videos. If you’ve used the internet on the early 90s, most of the websites are full of texts. Yes, back in the days, the web design is not as good as today. They still don’t use many pictures or even videos on their website, mainly because of their internet connection speed is much slower than our internet speed today. However, if you do the same thing to your website right now, if you fill it with too much text, people with get bored and will click on the next website.

Most users on the internet are thinking that if they’re visiting a website with the text which is too long to read, then they will simply switch to another website. Some users have described that kind of website as “hurting the eyes”. No matter how informative or useful a website is, if its web design is not good, there won’t be many visitors who will visit it. It’s important to combine the useful information in your website (the text) with the colors and other medias that will spoil the eyes of the visitors. You have to make sure that you choose the right fonts, the right background design, the right colors, and the right peripheral medias in order to make your website to be visited by many people. It’s not just useful, but it’s very comfortable to be explored as well.