Lead For Greater Good

The service is deemed difficult and too demanding for anyone if it is not based on a divine call. Many people easily enter the service but then leave, because they do not feel the divine urge that accompanies their calls. Only the call of God alone can give success when servicing feel heavy or difficult. The ministry of a pastor is not only behind the pulpit he must also actively involved in other ministries, namely visitation. A shepherd must know the conditions of the sheep and therefore pastors must often pay attention to the sheep. By conducting visitation to the congregation means the church will have a view that he had noticed the shepherd. In conducting the visitation should try not only to the church of the rich and to the church that never came or were sparse. Moreover, if, the pastor did visitation to family illness, then this will be a special and distinctive impression.

A shepherd must also have a close relationship to the community in the vicinity. He also had to serve out of the church do not just serve in the church alone. Do not just getting out of the cars that could be viewed by society but a shepherd must participate in society. The goal is to ensure that a pastor can be known and there is a harmonious relationship between the pastor and surrounding communities. It is the job of a shepherd to lead and leading is not easy. You could get leadership consulting with Kirk Kirlin because he knows how to help, assist and work with you for the greater good.
If there are gatherings in their homes, for example, voluntary work, gathering, and others should be a shepherd must attend, if the event is unable to schedule will ask for permission in advance, in order to give a good impression in the eyes of the public. If there is a good relationship between the church and the community, the community will accept the existence of the church built in the area. If the relationship is not good might church was closed by the time.