This article could make your article to be more interesting

The title of an article is very important, it’s so important that it determines whether that your article would be read by many people or not. Even if a content of an article is good, if the title is not as good as the content itself, don’t be surprised if there aren’t many people who read it. Article rewriter tool wants to share some tips with you.

Here are the tips to help you to understand the things to make the good title for your article :

1. Avoid the most common mistake

You need that putting the main idea on the title is a bad idea. Even though the title would represent the content (the topic), if you’re putting the topic on the title explicitly, then it will lose its own charm. It’s just like giving a birthday present without the gift wrap. It’s still good, though, however, it’s just lost its own mystery that could tickle the human curiosity to open it. That’s why don’t put the title of your article so explicitly if you want the reader of your article to be increased.

2. They want a benefit, then give it to them this way

For the example, there are two titles :

1. How to make a good sandwich

2. How to make a delicious tuna sandwich in just 3 minutes

In the first sentence the “good” word is abstract and it’s purpose is unknown, and the readers would not be certain on what they’ll get if they read it. While the purpose of the second one benefit is clear. The people who want to learn on how to make a delicious sandwich must want to make it be delicious as quick as possible. That’s why the second one is more interesting than the first one. The second one is also giving more benefits and also more information by adding the words “in just 3 minutes”. So the reader who read the title number two would think that, if they are reading the number two, then they’ll get more info and it will also more efficient.