Do You Divorce? Keep Your Child Feeling!

Divorce leaves emotional wounds in children. Especially infants, he will blame themselves as the cause of your divorce. After you successfully help children through difficult times of divorce, you now have a new assignment. Namely to help the child accept your prospective mates. Talk to your kids, what you’re going through and what can he do to help you in this period. Avoid bad-mouthing your ex-spouse, focus on positive things will happen. This will make the child feel included and have ‘power.’

You must be sensitive, having regard to the words and gestures of children if she is ready to accept your new partner. Do not expect the child will accept it in a heartbeat. Gradually, give him an understanding of the possibilities you have a new partner and how it will bring happiness for him. When you find it difficult to understand what he is feeling your child, do not be reluctant to cooperate with a child psychologist. For those seeking a divorce lawyer reliable and quality, visit townsville family lawyers.