Assessments of English Tests

When you follow an English language test, you will get a score. Other than that, you also often get some indications that explain the meaning of these scores which is expressed as the level of English or label, such as “beginner” or “advanced”. For example, if you take a B1 English test such as the one from the one that you can check on, you will get to know whether your English skills are above the level of B1 or even under it. By knowing that, you will also know whether your skills are classified to be the beginner or the advanced.

Moreover, there are many systems to determine the level of English throughout the world. Many English language tests which are more diverse also have a system of determining the level implicitly or explicitly in determining the score. Some schemes to determine the level of the English skills are applied to test the English language, whilst the others are in the form of the theoretical framework without conducting a single test.